Overall Plan for Zhengzhou Airshow 2018
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Zhengzhou Airshow is a grand exhibition on general aviation (GA) and aerobatic display. To popularize the GA concept it strives to provide a professional platform of AG exhibition, trade, exchanges and experience for participants in all links, such as GA manufacturers, operators, service providers, plane owners, pilots and fans. In line with China’s Belt and Road Initiative and against the background of building Zhengzhou into a national central city, this year’s Airshow has a clearer target at becoming the largest and most diversified GA event in Asia. By organizing a series of activities such as Asia-Pacific General Aviation Exhibition, aerobatic displays, Central China Flying Conference and forums, Zhengzhou Airshow will take a leading role in the development of national comprehensive demonstration zones of general aviation.

I. Event name

Zhengzhou Airshow 2018 and International Annual Award for Aerobatic Formation Teams

II. Time

The Airshow starts from April 27th and concludes on May 1st, 2018. The first two days from April 27th to 28th will see a series of events organized for GA professionals and then from April 29th to May 1st the Airshow will be further open to the public.

III. Location

Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport

IV. Organization


Earthrounders Association

Blue Legend Airshow Management Co., Ltd..


Henan Provincial People’s Government, Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, Industrial Culture Developing Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Civil Airports Association, General Aviation Branch of China Air Transport Association, Henan Provincial Sports Bureau, Henan Provincial Administration of Civil Aviation Safety, Henan Branch of Air Traffic Management Bureau. CAAC, Henan Provincial Committee of Civil Aviation Development, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Henan Sub-Council, Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, Organizing Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Shangjie District People’s Government of Zhengzhou City, Xingyang Municipal People’s government, Administration Committee of Shangjie District General Aviation Experimental Zone.


Blue Legend Airshow Management Co., Ltd..


Henan Provincial Aero Sports Management Center

VI. Activities

1. Asia- Pacific General Aviation Exhibition

1.1 Profile

This year’s Zhengzhou Airshow enjoys greater professionalism and larger scale since upgrading has been achieved in terms of scale, site planning, exhibitors and exhibit. The exhibitors comprise various types of enterprises in general aviation industrial chains, such as GA aircraft manufacturers, parts manufacturers, aero-electronic device manufacturers, flight schools, flying clubs, flight simulator manufacturers, FBOs, airport development management and management companies, aircraft sellers and aircraft leasing companies. etc.

1.2 Exhibition Size

Outdoor exhibition area:100,000 m2

Indoor exhibition area: 25,000 m2

Aircrafts: around 150

Exhibitors: over 200

1.3 Area Distribution

Hall 1 Comprehensive Demonstration Area for National General Aviation Industry

Private and Business Aerospace Area (including business aircraft sales and service companies)

Hall 2 Exhibition on Aerospace Science and Technology Education and UAV

Hall 3 Exhibition on Aerospace Science Popularization and Entertainment Equipment

Apron: Static Aircraft Exhibition Area

1.4 Scope of Exhibits

Aircrafts: all fixed wing aircrafts (like regional aircrafts, business aircrafts, light aircrafts, super-light aircrafts and gliders), helicopters, rotorcrafts, drones and wing-in-grounds etc.. Some aircrafts will make performance display flight.

Aircraft manufacturing equipment, engines, airborne equipment, operating equipment and aerial parts;

Devices for aircraft repair, maintenance and operation;

Simulating flight training system;

Systems and devices for air traffic control, communication and navigation;

Products for aerospace education and training institutions;

Aerospace investment, healthcare and insurance service;

Aviation-related cultural and creative products and interactive VR entertainment devices;

Other related exhibits (including all kinds of dynamic and non-dynamic aero-models, flying suits and souvenirs etc.)

2. Aerobatic Display

2.1 International Annual Award for Aerobatic Formation Teams 2018

The International Annual Award for Aerobatic Formation Teams 2018 will still be held in Zhengzhou this year as usual. In this period nine extraordinary aerobatic teams will jointly provide a breath-taking aerobatic display to feast the audience’s eyes. And it is also our sincere wish that this event will raise the reputation of Zhengzhou as a hot land for aerobatics.

Sky Dancer Aerobatic Team from Europe (4 planes)

Sky Dancer boasts world-class aerobatic pilots form European countries. It is as famous in the aerobatic circle as the name suggests and it shows up frequently in world-class aerobatic competitions. The pilots keep innovating their formations and team cohesion. They can perform firework display with single plane, double or even 4 planes. Their aircraft model is the Extra series.

Pioneer Team Formation Flight(4 planes)

Weico Yakovlevs Display Team (6 planes)

Red Eagle Aerobatic Team (solo flying)

Aerosparx Team ( 2 planes )

Viper Aerobatic Team (combination of an aircraft and a car)

Aviad Banner Towing (solo flying)

AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers (2 planes)

Lithuanian ANBO Aerobatic Team (4 planes)

The pilots of this team used to be members of the former Soviet Union and Lithuania National Aerobatic Team. They are all stars in the world aerobatics. Thanks to their close collaboration, they are a popular classic acrobatic team with fighters in Europe. Their aircraft model is the Yak series.

2.2 Sunset Aerobatic Display with Music Show

During the event, the audience can enjoy a sunset aerobatic display with music show of 60 minutes every day, which means that the aerobatic aircrafts will set off fireworks and deliver an LED light show on air with music background. This will create a fantastic audio-visual feast. The specific programs include: joint show of aerobatic planes and flaming racing cars from the Viper Aerobatic Team, firework display with 4 formation aircrafts from the Sky Dance Aerobatic Team, firework display with 4 formation aircrafts from Pioneer Team, aerobatic display with Music and LED light show from Red Eagle Aerobatic Team (a jazz band will sing songs alive in flashes and smoke when the plane lands), firework display with 2 formation aircrafts from Aerosparx Team, etc. In between there will also be fireworks bomb show of parachuting team or paramotor firework display, hot-air balloon night glows and so on.

2.3 Skydiving display with 24 Players and 2 Planes

2.4 Hot-air balloon show with 10 hot-air balloons

2.5 Paramotor Disply with 10 paramotors

3. Central China Aviation Conference 2018

Each year the Central China Aviation Conference invites domestic and foreign aircraft owners and flight enthusiasts to fly to the airport for exhibitions and exchanges in Shangjie Airport. And the sponsors will provide air traffic control and ground service, ensure oil supply, help apply for related documents and transfer routes. The Central China Aviation Conference 2018 will also include the Annual Conference of the Earthrounders Association. More than 100 pilots who have completed the feat of global flight, aircraft owners and flight enthusiasts at home and abroad will meet and exchange at the Zhengzhou Airshow, and there will also be 3 planes flying directly from abroad to Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport. The gathering of the international flying elites at the show will play an active role in accelerating the development of the private flight industry in China and the promotion of the civil exchanges and cooperation in the field of general aviation.

3.1 The Annual Conference of the Earthrounders Association

The members of the association are all pilots of great accomplishment. All of them have made global flight once or more.

Pilots’ Night

Exchanges between domestic and overseas pilots.

Pilots’ Lecture

Interaction between Chinese and foreign pilots and audience.

Lecture from Legendary Pilots

Senior pilots from military and civil aviation will give speeches on wingmanship and their legendary stories.

Flight Ride

There will be flight rides to nearby scenic spots such as the Yellow River and Mountain Wuyun. Besides, there will also be short-distance low-altitude flights from Shangjie District to Luoyang City on the west and Anyang City on the north.

4. General Aviation Forums

5. B2B Business Talks

6. Technical Seminars, Business Signing Ceremonies, Press Conferences

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