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   Zhengzhou general aviation exhibition is a large-scale general aviation exhibition on the theme of general aviation exhibition and flight performance. In the background of "construction of national central city" and "the Belt and Road Initiatives" strategy, the 2018 Zhengzhou aviation exhibition will clarify the position further, in order to become Asia's largest and most diversified general aviation event as a target.

Ⅰ.Overview of the Asia-Pacific General Aviation Exhibition:

   Under the guidance of Zhengzhou municipal party committee, municipal government and Shangjie district government, the Asia-Pacific general aviation exhibition of Zhengzhou general aviation exhibition for three sessions is becoming more and more mature. Based upon the past experiences, aimed at the complete facilities and excellent flight conditions of Zhengzhou aviation exhibition, 2018Asia-Pacific general aviation exhibition emphasizes on aircraft flight demonstration and flight experience in the air. It will provide more complete safeguard measures for exhibitors to demonstrate the performance of aircraft and passenger experience activities of business airlines.In view of the hot and key topics in the aviation industry, the theme of the exhibition is defined as "feeling service of general aviation and experiencing culture education of aviation".The Asia-Pacific general aviation exhibition is divided into four parts: the national general aviation industry demonstration area exhibition, private and public aviation exhibition, space emergency rescue equipment and technology training exhibition, science and technology education and entertainment equipment exhibition. The exhibitors who are invited cover all kinds of enterprises in the whole industry chain, such as general aviation operators, manufacturers, service providers, aviation and higher education institutions, secondary professional education college, technology education for youth and the upper and lower enterprises related to entertainment. It is estimated that there will be 400 exhibitors and the exhibition area will be 25,000 square meters.

II.Time: 4/27/2018—5/01/2018.

April 27-28 are professional days & April 29 - May 1 are public days.

III.Location: Shangjie airport, Zhengzhou City,

IV.Organizational Structure

Host units: The global Pilot Association

Zhengzhou Blue Classic Aeronautical Culture Co.Ltd.

Support units: the People's Government of Henan Province,the People's Government of Zhengzhou City,the cultural development center of Industry and Information Ministry,China Air Association, China Association of Civil Airport, Chinese Air Transport Association General Aviation Committee, Sports Bureau of Henan Province, Supervision Bureau of Henan civil aviation,the civil aviation sub-bureau of Henan, development and construction committee office of Henan civil aviation,CCPIT of Henan Province, Zhengzhou Aeronautics Industry Management Institute,Zhengzhou airport of economic comprehensive&experimental management committee, the People's Government of Shangjie district Zhengzhou city, the People's Government of Xingyang city, Zhengzhou General Aviation experimental zone committee.

Organizer:Zhengzhou Blue Classic Aeronautical Culture Co.Ltd.

Joint undertaker:Henan Aviation Sports Management Center

V. Scale of Exhibition:

Outdoor area: 90000 square meters

Indoor area:  25000 square meters

Display aircraft: about 300

Exhibitors: more than 400

VI.Exhibition Partitions

(1) NO.1 exhibition hall:

A exhibition area: private and business aviation expo area.

B exhibition area: national general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration exhibition area.

C exhibition area: space emergency rescue equipment and technical training     exhibition area.

D exhibition area: unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) exhibition area.

(2) NO.2 exhibition hall:

E exhibition area: technology education and entertainment equipment exhibition

F exhibition area: technology education and entertainment equipment exhibition

(3) NO.3 exhibition hall:

G Aerospace interactive experience center

VII. Introduction of the Exhibition

(1) National general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration exhibition

1.Overview: General aviation industry comprehensive demonstration exhibition is established especially in 2018 Zhengzhou general aviation exhibition, Each exhibitor will arrange special staff to be responsible for organization work in the demonstration area.The organizer is responsible for contacting the invited units to implement the exhibition , meanwhile for the site and other related work.The organizing committee is responsible for the reception of the leaders from demonstration areas. The exhibitors are composed of 26 relevant government agencies and related personnel in national general aviation industry demonstration area.

2. Exhibition scope:

①The organization, policy advantages, planning and development goals of general aviation demonstration area;

②Key aviation enterprises and achievement of the aviation industry;

③The introduction of the aviation industry and the demand for talent.

3. Related activities:

①National general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration area forum:

The demonstration area has been implemented for one year. The achievements and problems during the past year are the theme of forum. The organizing committee invited the leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission to make a speech and explain the support policy of general aviation industry demonstration area. The leaders of demonstration area introduce the development and problems faced by demonstration area, and general aviation manufacturing enterprises introduce innovation results of the products.

Time:  4/27/2018, 10:00--12:00

②B2B connection meeting between demonstration area and general aviation enterprise;

The committee will arrange general aviation enterprise to negotiate with related personnel of demonstration zone.

Time:4/27/2018, 14:00--16:30

(2) private and business aviation expo :


As an important part of the Asia-Pacific general aviation exhibition, in 2018, private and business aviation expo launched three major themes, which are business aircraft and operation service, aviation science and technology of vocational education, navigation manufacturing. Through the efficient organization and operation of the exhibition, it is possible to expand the market from several perspectives including business aircraft and aviation operating, the transformation of aviation technology achievements and the training and conveying of talents. And It helps aviation colleges, enterprises and government to establish a communication platform.

2. Exhibition scope:

①light and ultra light business aircraft and operating companies.

②general aviation operation services.

③unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and its supporting products.

3. Related activities:

①International Forum on the innovation of China 2018 aviation industry will be held on April 26th.

②UAV system summit meeting will be held on April 27th.

③Business development forum of corporate aircraft will be held on April 27th.

Space emergency rescue equipment and technical training exhibition.


To promote the application of emergency rescue equipment and technical training in various areas and transportation, mapping, environmental protection, health, tourism, education and sports, nine organizers are organized by "happy Chinese line zero action" committee: China civil aviation emergency rescue alliance, Chinese aircraft owners and pilot association, Association for disaster prevention, China Traffic Safety Association, China Institute of highway, Meteorological Service Association, Chinese satellite navigation Association, China Environment Federation, space emergency industry innovation platform created by China social welfare funds.

2. Exhibition scope:

(1) Monitoring and warning: major earthquake monitoring and warning equipment, major food and drug safety testing equipment and reagents, major chemical hazards  detection equipment, emergency command platform, emergency broadcast system, navigation system and so on.

(2) Prevention and protection categories: protection products for Earthquake Rescuers, protection products for forest fire, infrastructure safety protection products, family personal protective products etc.

(3)Rescue:emergency communication products,Special equipment for fire fighting,  path-break equipment, drainage of mobile equipment, underwater intelligent unmanned rescue equipment, emergency rescue vehicles and engineering equipment, environmental emergency, medical rescue, counter-terrorism products etc.

IX. Expenses of Exhibition :

1. Standard booth: RMB 12000 yuan/one (3x3=9 square meters) (Standard booth for rent is the most economical and effective way of exhibiting. The minimum rent is 9 square metre. Exhibitors can reserve multiple booths).

2. Space exhibition (at least 36 square meters) is RMB1000.00/ square meter.

3. Outdoor static exhibition area is 600.00/ square meter.

XIII.For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Contact Department: Executive committee exhibition department of Zhengzhou aviation exhibition.

Tel: 010-85612862

Fax: 010-85612563

Contact person: Hu Jinlong

Tel: 136-0128-0512

Email: chinalong2008@126.com

Contact person: Zhang Yunpeng

Tel: 185-9588-3865

E-mail: 505308423 @qq.com

XIV. The information that exhibitor needs to provide:

   After enterprise confirming the application form of exhibitor, the following materials should be submitted as soon as possible before the deadline (3/31/2018):

1. LOGO of enterprise (AI format)

2. 300 words brief introduction in English and Chinese, or 600words brief introduction in Chinese.

3. Enterprise introduction pattern(300*400 pixels, resolution 128)

4. Advertising design (enterprises that choose advertising)

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