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       Zhengzhou Air Show is a large-scale general aviation exhibition on the theme of general aviation exhibition and air show, mainly to convey the concept of general aviation development and to provide a professional exhibition, trading, exchange and experience platform for general aviation manufacturers, operators, service providers, aircraft owners, pilots and enthusiasts and other participants in all aspects of the general aviation industries chain. Under the background of "building a national central city" and "The Belt and Road" strategy, Zhengzhou Air show 2018 will further clarify its position and aim to become Asia's largest and most diversified general aviation event. Through Asia-Pacific AERO EXPO, air show, Central Plains Fly-in Expo, high-end forums and other activities, it will further enhance the visibility, reputation and influence of Zhengzhou City in the field of general aviation at home and abroad, demonstrate and lead the construction of national general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zone.

First, name of the event

Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 and World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony

Second, time of the event

From April 27th to May 1st , 2018. Professional days from April 27th to 28th and public days from April 29th to May 1st

Third, place of the event

Shangjie Airport, Zhengzhou

Fourth, the organizational structure

Organizer: Earthrounders, Zhengzhou Blue legend Air Culture Co., Ltd.

Supporters: The People's Government of Henan Province, The People's Government of Zhengzhou, Industrial Culture Development Center of MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Civil Airports Association, General Aviation Commission of China Air Transport Association, Sports Bureau of Henan Province, Safety Supervision and Administration Bureau of Henan Province of CAAC(Civil Aviation Administration of China), Henan Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC, Civil Aviation Development and Construction Committee Office of Henan Province, Henan Provincial Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, The Administrative Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, The People's Government of Shangjie District of Zhengzhou, The People's Government of Xingyang, The Management Committee of Zhengzhou General Aviation Experimental Zone

Undertaker: Zhengzhou Blue legend Airshow management Co., Ltd.

Co-undertaker: Henan Aviation Sports Management Center

Co-organiser: Mach 2 Management, Inc., Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association UK, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China, China Aviation Emergency Rescue Alliance, Z-Park Sky Innovations General Aviation Industrial Alliance, CAAC News, China Aviation Publishing & Media Co.,Ltd., 中商中铁投资有限公司, 北京蓝天展翼航空文化传播有限公司, Henan Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Wuyun Mountain of Orenda, Soaring Aviation Industry, Henan Dayu General Aircraft Co., Ltd. and so on.

Fifth, content of the event

(A)Asia-Pacific AERO EXPO

1.Exhibition Overview:

Under the guidance of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, Shangjie District Party Committee and Government, the exhibition part of the three Zhengzhou Air Shows is becoming mature. For Zhengzhou Air Show 2018, we will plan and deploy the exhibition part more carefully. We will enhance and optimize all aspects of exhibition scale, zoning, exhibitors and exhibits to further improve the professionalization and scale of the exhibition.

The exhibitors cover all kinds of enterprises in the whole general aviation industries chain including general aviation manufacturers, operators and service providers, such as aircraft manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, avionics manufacturers, flying schools, flying clubs, flight simulators manufacturers, Fixed-Base Operation (FBO), airport development and management companies, aircraft sellers, aircraft leasing companies, aircraft intermediaries, aircraft valuation companies, aircraft decoration companies, aircraft lending companies, aviation insurance companies, property rights sharing management companies, investment manager, aviation fuel suppliers, security consultants and so on.

2.Exhibition Scale:

Outdoor exhibition area: 90,000 square meters

Indoor exhibition area: 20,000 square meters

Aircrafts on display: about 300

Exhibitors: more than 300

3.Exhibition District:

Zone A: National General Aviation Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Zone

Zone B: Private & Business Aviation Pavilion (including business jet sales and service companies)

Zone C: Aviation Science and Education and Entertainment Equipment Pavilion

Zone D: Aviation Emergency Rescue Equipment Pavilion

Zone E: Comprehensive Pavilion (including aircrafts, spare parts manufacturers, vendors, unmanned aerial vehicles, aviation finance and insurance companies, aircraft leasing companies, etc.)

4.Exhibits Range:

(1)Aircrafts: all kinds of fixed-wing aircrafts (such as regional aircrafts, business jets, light aircrafts, ultralight aircrafts, gliders), helicopters, rotorcrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles, ground effect vehicles, etc., of which there are some aircrafts need to do performance demonstration flight.

(2)Aircraft manufacturing and engines, airborne equipment, control equipment and spare parts;

(3)Repair, maintenance, engineering equipment;

(4)Flight simulator training system;

(5)Air traffic control and communications and navigation systems and equipment;

(6)Aviation education, training institutions products;

(7)Aviation investment, medical care and insurance services;

(8)Aviation cultural and creative products and VR interactive entertainment equipment;

(9)Other related exhibitions (including various powered and non-powered aviation models,

flight suits, aviation souvenirs, etc.).

(B)Air show

1.World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony

At Zhengzhou Air Show 2017, 14 world's top aerobatic teams from 10 countries, brought spectacular aerobatic displays to the audience, and won the world formation aerobatic awards respectively. The success of the awards ceremony was fully acknowledged by Nick Beckenham, President of the FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) and paved the way for FAI to achieve more and deeper cooperation with China in the future. World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony 2018 will be held continuously in Zhengzhou Air Show. We will invite the world's most outstanding aerobatic teams to Zhengzhou to present a more thrilling flying feast, and strive to create a global aerobatic flying mecca.

Specific teams details please follow up subsequent conferences of Zhengzhou Air Show 2018.

2.Asia's first evening glow air and music show (30 minutes around sunset)

The world's first performance form

A. Paramotor team color smoke and fireworks show (10 minutes)

B. Aerobatic team 4 ship formation fireworks show (10 minutes)

C. Aerobatic team 4 ship formation fireworks show (10 minutes)

D. Aerobatic team computer music LED light show (15 minutes, a live jazz band performance in the flashing lights and smoke after landing)

E. Aerobatic team 2 ship formation fireworks show (10 minutes)

F. Music and fireworks show together (5 minutes)

With computer music setting accompaniment throughout the whole process

3.Skydiving show. 24 members, 2 aircrafts.

4.Hot air balloon show. 10 hot air balloons.

5.Paramotor show. 10 paramotors.

(C)Central Plains Fly-in Expo 2018

Central Plains Fly-in Expo invites domestic and international aircraft owners and flying enthusiasts to pilot their planes to visit Shangjie airport every year for display and exchange. During the exhibition, we provide various types of flight services, such as local air traffic control and ground handling, aviation fuel supply and related documents, and assist in applying for transfer routes. Central Plains Fly-in Expo 2018 will undertake the annual meeting of Earthrounders. More than 100 pilots from countries all over the world who have flown around the world, aircraft owners and flying enthusiasts both at home and abroad will meet and exchange at Zhengzhou Air Show. More than 10 pilots will fly directly from foreign countries to Shangjie Airport. The worldwide  flying big guns gathering in Zhengzhou Air Show will play an active role in accelerating a coming era of China's private flying and non-governmental exchanges and cooperation in the field of international aviation.

1.The annual meeting of Earthrounders: Earthrounders brings together a group of pilots with unique accomplishments who have flown around the world. There will be more than 10 pilots flying directly to Shangjie Airport on the occasion.

2.Pilots lecture: Invite civil aviation and aviation sports officials and experts to explain regulations, rules and norms of flight.

3.Flying lecture: Senior military and civil aviation pilots talk about flying skills and their legendary stories.

4.Flight experience: Amateur flying performances; fly to the Yellow River, Songshan and other famous scenic spots in Henan; designated short-haul routes (such as Shangjie - Anyang, Luoyang, Nanyang, etc.) for cruise flights.

(D)General aviation high-end forums

1.National forum on the development of general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zone: A professional forum with 200 participants, invites National Development and Reform Commission, 26 local governments with national general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zones, experts and scholars in the field of general aviation to participate in and have an in-depth discussion from the perspective of policy, industry, technology and market, to fully promote the construction of national general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zones.

2.“Air Silk Road” aviation forum: An international forum of 200 people invites aviation celebrities from China and foreign countries, especially along the Belt and Road to attend and cooperate with each other for the Belt and Road aviation development plan.

3.International general aviation business forum: An international business forum of 150 people attended by heads in China of international industry association, heads of commercial section of the consulates from various countries and leaders of general aviation companies and institutes, including keynote speech forums, workshops, seminars, the round table and other activities.

4.Other forums

(E)B to B business negotiation activities

(F)Various types of technical seminars, signing ceremonies and press conferences

(G)other ground supporting activities

1.Exhibition experience of high-end consumption goods such as sports cars, recreational vehicles and imports from cross-border e-commerces;

2.Aviation souvenirs and tourism products exhibition;

3.Food festival;

4.Interactive experience entertainment;

5.Aerial photography contest.

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