A preparation meeting was convened for Zhengzhou Air Show 2018
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  On the morning of November 8th, a mobilization and deployment meeting for Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 was held in Shangjie District of Zhengzhou to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, arrange the deployment of Zhengzhou Air Show 2018, and mobilize the whole region to further raise awareness, pool the strength, take positive actions, prepare carefully and go all out to ensure a complete success of Zhengzhou Air Show 2018. District leaders Song Jie, Geng Yongjun, Song Shuangxing, Deng Shu'an, Tang Xiaoyi, Hu Rongxin, Du Huibin, Zhao Chenyang, Li Xianmin attended the meeting. Deputy secretary and Acting Chief Executive of Shangjie District Geng Yongjun presided over the meeting.

  At the meeting, Yan Sheng, Vice Chief Executive of Shangjie District read the "Implementation Plan of Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" and arranged the deployment of activity contents, division of responsibilities and work plans. Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 and World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony will be held from April 27th to May 1st ,2018 at Shangjie airport. There are professional days from April 27th to 28th and public days from April 29th to May 1st. Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 mainly includes Asia-Pacific AERO EXPO, air show, 2018 Central Plains Fly-in Expo and general aviation high-end forums.

  To do preparations for Zhengzhou Air Show 2018, Secretary of Shangjie District Song Jie made three requirements: First, raise awareness, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good air show. We must earnestly understand the current opportunities and challenges we face, stick to the direction of internationalization, specialization, branding and marketization, further enhance the effectiveness of exhibitions and service quality and make the air show truly have its own image, do something special and be effective.

  Second, focus on the key point and further enhance the ability to do a great air show. To effectively enhance the ability of support services, fully grasp the four guarantees, first, should pay attention to infrastructure support, further accelerate the construction of hangars, airport comprehensive service building, and debug all kinds of equipment of the navigation station; second, we must pay attention to safety and security, undertake units to be refined to protect safety and security measures, implement key defend and focus on prevention, effectively eliminate safety accidents; third, we must grasp the service reception security, we must receive all the guests carefully, establish a high standard of awareness, strengthen comprehensive inspection of the accommodation and catering industry in this area and enhance service levels to meet the needs of the masses; fourth, we must pay attention to medical and health security, create a green channel for rescue and conduct a comprehensive epidemic prevention inspection of public health to make sure to be clean.

  We should enhance the comprehensive improvement of the environment, put enough effort into comprehensive improvement of the urban environment and show "essence, energy and spirit" of the district. First, it should be clean and carry out large-scale environmental remediation activities to ensure that for the sanitation improvement, the entire area is covered without dead ends. Second, it should be green, effectively enhance the landscape effect, so that the city is green everywhere, and contrast festive atmosphere for the success of the air show. Third, it should be bright, learn city lighting experience from the city of Wuhan and other places, focus on doing a good job of urban landmark buildings and other lighting projects. Fourth, it should be beautiful, improve the culture literacy of the citizens so as to lead the masses to establish a sense of "I am a representative of the Shangjie District" and they should be good hosts and embody humanistic beauty. Fifth, it should be smooth, plan and design exhibition traffic routes and parking lots scientifically, release traffic road map in advance to maximize the prevention of traffic jams. Sixth, it should be fine, adhere to the boutique awareness of details first and to be carved throughout the work of all and focus on creating quality, create highlights, create features.

  To enhance the ability to attract foreign investment, make the investment of the industrial cluster as the direction, the introduction of leading enterprises as the core, focus on the landing of service projects, optimize the development environment as the protection, with the help of the air show, we must focus on the key, attract great and strong one, targeting at the top 500 domestic and foreign enterprises, focus on the introduction of high tech, high value-added projects, make great efforts to be bigger and stronger; to be carefully packaged, to promote, we must make business promotion to enterprises fully on the advantages of investment policies, basic facilities, land supply, institutional mechanisms and others; should follow and connect with each other, seek truth and effectiveness, the relevant departments should do the preliminary work of signing the project ahead of schedule to ensure that in the centralized signing ceremony held during the air show, achieve a big breakthrough of the number and quality of projects signed.

  Third, strengthen leadership and further unite the power of running the air show. We should improve the organizational structure, concentrate on the work in accordance with the responsibilities, and do a good job in coordinating and implementing. We should comply with the work responsibilities, pay close attention to the formulation of a detailed work plan, further refine the tasks of decomposition, and clear the work responsibilities by rank and position. We should focus on communication and coordination, carry out relevant formalities as early as possible, work out the flight plan ahead of time and improve the emergency support and implementation plan of the flight show. We should promote cooperation, all working groups should strengthen their horizontal and vertical linkages, work both independently and closely, support and cooperate with each other to form a joint effort to share information and promote the implementation of the work together. We must strictly supervise inspections and hold regular briefing meetings to communicate information, coordinate parties, solve problems and promote the implementation of the work so as to ensure that all preparatory work is fully put in place. We should strengthen publicity and promotion, through a variety of news media and multiple channels, vigorously strengthen the publicity and reporting of the air show, to form a good atmosphere of public opinion.

  Finally, Song Jie stressed that to do a good job in Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 is significant and far-reaching. Departments at all levels should take the opportunity of thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, take full advantage of their greater work enthusiasm and strict and meticulous work style to act promptly and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the preparations for the air show so as to make every effort to bring this air show into a more distinctive, more influential, more effective general aviation gala.

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