A preparation meeting was convened for Zhengzhou Air Show 2018
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  On the morning of November 8th, a mobilization and deployment meeting for Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 was held in Shangjie District of Zhengzhou to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, arrange the deployment of Zhengzhou Air Show 2018, and mobilize the whole region to further raise awareness, pool the strength, take positive actions, prepare carefully and go all out to ensure a complete success of Zhengzhou Air Show 2018. District leaders Song Jie, Geng Yongjun, Song Shuangxing, Deng Shu'an, Tang Xiaoyi, Hu Rongxin, Du Huibin, Zhao Chenyang, Li Xianmin attended the meeting. Deputy secretary and Acting Chief Executive of Shangjie District Geng Yongjun presided over the meeting.

  At the meeting, Yan Sheng, Vice Chief Executive of Shangjie District read the "Implementation Plan of Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" and arranged the deployment of activity contents, division of responsibilities and work plans. Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 and World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony will be held from April 27th to May 1st ,2018 at Shangjie airport. There are professional days from April 27th to 28th and public days from April 29th to May 1st. Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 mainly includes Asia-Pacific AERO EXPO, air show, 2018 Central Plains Fly-in Expo and general aviation high-end forums.

  To do preparations for Zhengzhou Air Show 2018, Secretary of Shangjie District Song Jie made three requirements: First, raise awareness, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good air show. We must earnestly understand the current opportunities and challenges we face, stick to the direction of internationalization, specialization, branding and marketization, further enhance the effectiveness of exhibitions and service quality and make the air show truly have its own image, do something special and be effective.

  Second, focus on the key point and further enhance the ability to do a great air show. To