Air Show 2017 is blooming splendidly in the air
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  Taking off on the momentum is a dream of the people in the Central Plains for the development of general aviation and lighting up the blue sky is a wonderful bloom in the Belt and Road construction.

On May 1, the 5day Zhengzhou Air Show 2017 and World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony was successfully concluded at Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport. In 5 days, the air show attracted an audience of nearly 300,000. The whole event was safe and smooth, no accidents. There were 158 aircrafts on display and 176 exhibitors, 398 hours of accumulated display flight time and 680 air traffic movements. 32 projects were signed, amounting to 28 billion Yuan.

 Song Jie, secretary of the Shangjie District Committee of Zhengzhou City, said in a speech at the World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony: "During the air show, pilots, general aviation experts and professionals from 10 countries around the world who focused on building Zhengzhou Air show into the largest in Asia, the most diversified and the most influential general aviation culture event, competed for skills, exchanged experiences, shared achievements and established a bridge of general aviation between China and the world through the important platform of this air show. "

14 world's top aerobatic teams flew up to the sky in Zhengzhou, depicted "love," communicated, exchanged, learned and used for reference from each other. Participating together in this feast of "Zhengzhou Air Show 2017" has become a wonderful practice in the Belt and Road construction.

Creating the world's top "flying feast"

It was a wonderful level and can be described as unprecedented. This was also the first time for FAI to hold a world formation aerobatic awards ceremony and also the first time in the world history of aviation to gather so many aerobatic teams to perform. In accordance with the rules to enter the awards ceremony, Zhengzhou Air Show Executive Committee and FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) selected more than 40 aerobatic teams from all over the world to determine the shortlisted 12 world's top award-winning teams and 2 guest performer teams to participate in Zhengzhou Air Show. There were 14 aerobatic display teams from 10 countries including the United States, Russia, UK, France, Italy and Spain, more than 40 aerobatic airplanes and more than 50 international top master pilots in this air show.

  At this year’s air show with the indoor exhibition area of 22,000 square meters and the outdoor exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, there were 176 exhibitors, including general aviation aircraft manufacturing, aviation equipment, research and development achievements, unmanned aerial vehicles, flight training and supporting services. Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Textron Aviation, Continental Motors and Russian Helicopters, these Chinese and foreign famous aviation companies appeared in Zhengzhou Air Show in such a higher profile for the first time.

As the biggest highlight of the current air show, the World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony lived up to expectations, leaving the audience to feel the stunning performance from 14 world's top aerobatic teams. The performances of hot air balloons, skydiving, model airplanes, paramotors from domestic teams were also brilliant. The audience also enjoyed the supporting activities such as Aerospace Science Exhibition, Flight Training Camp, Auto Show, Property Show, Aerial Photo Contest, Lala Baby Finals, large -scale wind tunnel suspended experience and so on.

During the air show, a series of high-end general aviation forums were held successfully, including Innovation in China·2017 China International Aviation Industry Summit Forum, General Aviation Comprehensive Demonstration Zone Development Forum, General Aviation Maker Exchange Meeting, Aviation Professionals Forum, General Aviation Salon- Flying Culture Special Salon, General Aviation in South-Central China Development Seminar, Gliding Sport and Honeybee Aircraft Development Forum and Low Altitude Tourism Summit Forum. It explored effectively the path of the development of general aviation and shared the experience of the development of airport economy. The forums had prominent themes and rich content, and the participants were very enthusiastic.

It was known that this year's Zhengzhou Air Show hit a record of several “the first time” in general aviation sports and general aviation performance industry. For the first time, with the cooperation of FAI, the World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony has been introduced into China. For the first time, an overseas aerobatic plane was authorized to fly over the center of the city in China for promotion. For the first time, overseas private airplanes and drivers were allowed to fly at low altitude in the country. For the first time, a complete (not disassembled) airplane was imported in Zhengzhou airport. These "firsts" all reflect the opening and vitality of Zhengzhou as a national central city and will surely have a positive impetus to the development of China's general aviation industry.

Hold up the magnificent idea of "general aviation capital"

In recent years, as the seat of Zhengzhou General Aviation Experimental Zone, Shangjie district actively planning around general aviation, stepped up the implementation of infrastructure construction, strengthened the related investment promotion work, perfected industrial chain, fostered general aviation culture, organized and held air shows. Through these continuous efforts, the general aviation industry continued to bear fruit.

Shangjie district has invested 3 billion Yuan in total and opened the "10 vertical and 5 horizontal" road network pattern to form a rapid and convenient transportation system; built more than 400 acres ecological water system in Dongguo Lake, serving Shangjie airport while at the same time also creating a good ecology environment; demolition and resettlement of 5 villages has been done, and supported the production and living facilities of hospitals, schools, water, electricity, gas and heating to realize the integration and development of industrial and urban areas; completed the first phase reconstruction of Shangjie Airport with the flight area reaching 4C level and it is currently recognized as becoming a large-scale and well-conditioned general aviation airport in China. Meanwhile, it will set up public service platforms such as the headquarters base of general aviation enterprises, the pioneer park of general aviation, the innovative and entrepreneurial complex of China (Zhengzhou) nonferrous metal materials, flight service stations and meteorological observation stations, so as to create a favorable development environment for enterprises.

Because of the excellent foundation and conditions, 45 general aviation enterprises including Henan Xiaoying and Henan Sanhe located one after another in Zhengzhou General Aviation Experimental Zone, with the current aircrafts of 67. More than 20 major projects such as aircraft assembly and test base of Henan Xiaoying and weather modification in the central region have also started construction in Zhengzhou General Aviation Experimental Zone. Deer Jet FBO, flight training and experience center and a number of projects also entered substantive negotiations. An area of 21.3 square kilometers general aviation industrial park has sprung up.

 Since 2014, general aviation manufacturing has made great achievements. On December 29th, 2014, the "Zhengzhou No. 1" Mooney M20TN aircraft came off the assembling line and went through its trial flight successfully which filled the gaps in general aircraft ' s manufacturing in Henan. In 2015, the new type Mooney M10 was successfully developed. On October 31st, 2016, the world's first long-endurance manned UAV "Xiangyun 320" which developed and produced by Henan Sanhe made its world debut, its subversive design that beyond the conventional got a national invention patent. On December 28th, 2016, the world's first unmanned wing-in-ground-effect craft developed jointly by Zhengzhou Haiwang Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Ruisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. did its test launch and debugging. Zhengzhou General Aviation Experimental Zone is making great strides toward the general aviation manufacturing base in the central region.

"Seize the opportunity for the development of the general aviation industry, take project construction as a core, attract business and investment as a force and hold air shows as an opportunity to promote the rapid development of general aviation industry, and strive to make the Shangjie district into a general aviation capital." That is the ultimate goal of general aviation development of the area, and the successful holding of the three Zhengzhou Air Shows undoubtedly boosted the area a giant step forward to the grand goal.

Promote the general aviation industry to lead the development

On January 4th this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued " Suggestions on the Implementation of construction of general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zone", identified that Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and other 26 cities as the first batch of general aviation industry integrated demonstration zones to fully release the market potential of general aviation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of general aviation manufacturing industry, and promote the sustained and healthy development of general aviation industry.

Zhengzhou is the core city of the Central Plains Group of Cities. The construction of the demonstration zone is conducive to the concentration of high-end resources to Zhengzhou. Accelerating the promotion of Zhengzhou's comprehensive economic strength, complementing the shortcomings of urban innovation development and high-end features, enhancing the functions of urban integrated service, reinforcing the service functions constantly of regional center in the central section of China and the radiation and driving capability of the Central Plains Economic Zone, leading general aviation and the related industries in central China to speed up the development so as to accelerate the integrated development of Central Plains city agglomeration and support the rise of Central China.

Zhengzhou general aviation pilot zone entered into the national echelon, which not only means that the development of general aviation industry in Zhengzhou ushered in a new opportunity, but also have a special significance for manufacturing, trade and logistics, social services, nurturing consumption and so on. The general aviation industry has the characteristics of low occupancy of resources, large driving factors, long industrial chain and comprehensive benefits. The general aviation industry not only refers to general aviation enterprises, but also includes a large general aviation industry system including general aviation manufacturing industry, general aviation airports, scientific research institutes, training institutions, domestic and international aircraft sales agents, ground support and consulting service companies. We put effort to create a general aviation industry base which takes Shangjie airport as a hub, Dengfeng and Zhongmou general airport and others in Zhengzhou City in the planning as the bases, general aviation research and development and manufacturing as the core and put maintenance, flight operations, exhibition sales, education and training, general aviation tourism together. This not only can promote the development of regional general aviation manufacturing industry, but also can promote the development of high-tech industries such as new materials, electronics, communications, energy and high-end manufacturing, promote the implementation of the strategy of Made in China 2025, accelerate Zhengzhou and even Henan industrial restructuring and upgrading, and drive bonded logistics, e-commerce, convention and exhibition, finance, headquarters economy, leisure sports and other high-end modern service industry to accelerated development.

As a new industry, general aviation industry has a broad space for development and market prospects. As demonstration work progresses, the general aviation-related industries will become the commanding height of industries in Zhengzhou, provide strong support for the construction of national central cities and enhance the radiation and driving capability of Zhengzhou in the Central Plains city group.

Facing the future, Song Jie said confidently: "In the next stage, Shangjie District will continue to strengthen its infrastructure with Zhengzhou general aviation pilot zone as a carrier, vigorously develop general aviation-related industries, speed up the construction of regional general aviation headquarters, continuously improve the general aviation industrial chain which oriented by manufacturing, driven by operation and supported by services and focus on cultivating a general aviation culture. By 2020, it is planned that the number of aircraft taking off and landing will exceed 36,000 and the annual flight time will exceed 60,000 hours. The main revenue of the general aviation industry will exceed 10 billion Yuan annually.

Compose a new chapter in the Belt and Road construction

The concentration of so many outstanding international flight performance teams was the first time for Zhengzhou Air Show. The international standard of the air show has obviously improved. For the pilots from different countries, Zhengzhou Air Show has set up a platform for them to enhance mutual understanding and exchange.

 For his first time to China, Rotaru George the leader of Hawks of Romania aerobatic display team said that he saw the world's top performing teams when participating in Zhengzhou Air Show, and enhanced the communication with colleagues. It was a good experience, and he hoped Zhengzhou Air Show can keep going.

 Not only about that. Through the platform of this air show, Zhengzhou understood the development of the international general aviation industry, foreign general aviation industry understood China's general aviation more and more, and Zhengzhou. The air show opened a new window for China and Zhengzhou to understand the world and the world to understand China and Zhengzhou, so to speak.

In an interview, Rolandas Paksas, the former Prime Minister and President of Lithuania and the incumbent MEP said: "The relations between two countries also include the relations between the two peoples. If the common people of the two countries can communicate smoothly and directly, between the two countries will be the same. Zhengzhou Air Show not only promotes the exchange of two countries, but also the exchange and cooperation among many countries." Amity between people holds the key to sound relations between states and lies in that the hearts of the two peoples are linked together. Pilots issued strong voices for peaceful development by the flying language. This is highly in line with the spirit of "peaceful development, win-win cooperation" advocated by China's the Belt and Road initiative.

Nick Buckenham, President of the FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) said the successful hosting of the ceremony paved the way for FAI to reach more and deeper cooperation with China in the future. We have also reached an agreement with the Executive Board of Zhengzhou Air Show that we will hold the world formation aerobatic annual awards ceremony in Zhengzhou every year, and strive to jointly organize the World Formation Aerobatic Championships at a suitable time to help Zhengzhou become paradise of world aerobatic lovers.

Mark Jefferies, CEO of World Air Carnival Limited said this event is a star-studded and brilliant big show, also a brave exploration about ideal and love of flying on the land of China, and will have a profound impact for the development of China and Zhengzhou's aviation sports and cultural undertakings.

The implementation of the Belt and Road initiative by the state has provided Henan Province with a great opportunity to speed up its pace of opening up to the outside world and realize its speedy rise. In order to build a central city, Zhengzhou must make use of its advantages to play an important role as a node city in the Belt and Road initiative, especially the transportation hub advantage created by its location and traffic advantages.

  Relying on Zhengzhou, Henan province has begun to accelerate the pace of building an international inland transportation hub and logistics center. Its comprehensive transportation system has been built from "walking" to "flying." In the construction of aviation hubs, in addition to civil aviation, general aviation is also exerting its function increasingly.

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