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  At 6 pm on May 1, the 5day Zhengzhou Air Show 2017 and World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony was successfully concluded at Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport. In 5 days, the air show attracted an audience of nearly 300,000. The whole event was safe and smooth, no accidents. There were 158 aircrafts on display and 176 exhibitors, 398 hours of accumulated display flight time and 680 air traffic movements. 32 projects were signed, amounting to 28 billion Yuan.

It was known that this year's Zhengzhou Air Show hit a record of several “the first time” in general aviation sports and general aviation performance industry.

The first time of the largest gathering in history

 In accordance with the rules to enter the awards ceremony, Zhengzhou Air Show Executive Committee and FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) selected more than 40 aerobatic teams from all over the world to determine the shortlisted 12 world's top award-winning teams and two guest performer teams to participate in Zhengzhou Air Show. There were a total of more than 40 aerobatic airplanes and more than 50 international top master pilots. It was a wonderful level and can be described as unprecedented. This was also the first time for FAI to hold a world formation aerobatic awards ceremony and also the first time in the world history of aviation to gather so many aerobatic teams to perform.

The first time of the first approved urban low-altitude flight

 In March this year, the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission formally approved the letter from the People's Government of Henan Province on its solicitation for supporting the holding of Zhengzhou Air Show 2017 with aerobatic display and agreed that from April 15th to May 3rd, a total of 48 foreign aircrafts from 14 aerobatic display teams in 10 countries including the United States, Russia, UK, France, Italy, Spain and 4 participated in the Central Plains Fly-in Expo can temporarily use Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport and the airspace with a radius of 10 km centered on the airport and the altitude below 3000 m which are not open to the public for performing aerobatics. And the airspace which is not open to the public with a radius of 3 km centered on Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center and Songshan Shaolin Temple, respectively and the altitude below 600 m for city promotion flight. Finally, this feat was accomplished together by the world's top aerobatic aircrafts from outside China and the light aircraft made in Zhengzhou, leaving lasting memories in the blue sky of Zhengzhou. This was also the first time that China approved the opening of urban airspace for low-altitude flight.

The first time of multi-departmental full support

  Following the approval of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission in March, the Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC and the General Administration of Sport issued documents and telegrams successively to open the airspace and to support the event for the aerobatic performance of Zhengzhou Air Show 2017. This highlighted the full support from the top officials for the development of the general aviation industry, aviation sports and aviation culture industry.

The first time of an overseas private aircraft direct flying to China

In the main part of the air show, the Central Plains Fly-in Expo, domestic and international flying enthusiasts were invited as Fly-ins to fly their planes to Shangjie airport for display and exchange. With the help of AOPA UK, the air show’s co-organizer, several private airplanes flew to the airport from abroad. This was the first time that private airplanes and drivers were authorized to apply for domestic low-altitude flights in China. It was a gratifying breakthrough in opening international private flying routes and the significance was there as a milestone for the development of China's general aviation cause.

The first time of an import of a complete airplane in Zhengzhou Airport

  Among the 14 air display teams, there was an aerobatic airplane from Team Xtreme, the U.S. aerobatic team which was not disassembled and transported through the container and arrived in Zhengzhou by air. This was the first time that Zhengzhou airport imported a sport competitive aircraft.

The first time of Zhengzhou-European trains

  According to the introduction of Zhengzhou Customs, the foreign aircrafts participating in the air display of Zhengzhou Air Show came from over 10 countries including Russia, UK, France and Italy. There were 17 types, 39 aircrafts in total completed customs clearance formalities in Zhengzhou Customs in three modes, which were integration of customs clearance, customs transit and China-EU trains (Zhengzhou). Two of them arrived at Zhengzhou Port by means of China-EU trains (Zhengzhou). They arrived in Zhengzhou in mid-April and this was also the first time that Zhengzhou Customs supervised the temporary entry of aircrafts carried by China-EU trains (Zhengzhou). After the air show, most of the aircrafts from the European air display teams chose to take China-EU trains to leave.

The first time of a perfect presentation of formation sky typing

 At the air show, Yakovlevs, the British air display team performed sky typing for the first time in China's sky - the aircrafts at 3000 meters up in the air, through controlling the smoke by computer program, typed the words "ZHENGZHOU AlRSHOW 2017" neatly in the blue sky like printing. The spectators who witnessed such a spectacular scene cheered when the forming letters appeared slowly over the airport.

 At this year’s air show with the indoor exhibition area of 22,000 square meters and the outdoor exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, there were 176 exhibitors, including general aviation aircraft manufacturing, aviation equipment, research and development achievements, unmanned aerial vehicles, flight training and supporting services. Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Textron Aviation, Continental Motors and Russian Helicopters, these Chinese and foreign famous aviation companies appeared in Zhengzhou Air Show in such a higher profile for the first time.

In the forum section, the general aviation high-end forum of this air show had sub-forums, such as Innovation in China·2017 China International Aviation Industry Summit Forum, General Aviation Comprehensive Demonstration Zone Development Forum, General Aviation Maker Exchange Meeting, Aviation Professionals Forum, General Aviation Salon- Flying Culture Special Salon, General Aviation in South-Central China Development Seminar, Gliding Sport and Honeybee Aircraft Development Forum and Low Altitude Tourism Summit Forum. It explored the path of the development of general aviation and shared the experience of the development of airport economy. Forum themes covered a wide range of issues, content-rich, and the enormous participation was unprecedented.

As the biggest highlight of the current air show, the World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony lived up to expectations, leaving the audience to feel the stunning performance from 14 world's top aerobatic teams. The performances of hot air balloons, skydiving, model airplanes, paramotors from domestic teams were also brilliant. The audience also enjoyed the supporting activities such as Aerospace Science Exhibition, Flight Training Camp, Auto Show, Property Show, Aerial Photo Contest, Lala Baby Finals, Large-scale wind tunnel suspended experience and so on. They had a joyous May Day holiday.

The successful hosting of Zhengzhou Air Show coincided with the Belt and Road strategy, helped the province to speed up the pace of opening up to the outside world and promoted to implement the leap-type rise. In order to build a central city, Zhengzhou must play a big role as an important node city in the Belt and Road Initiative for the right moment, especially the advantages as a transportation hub created by the location and traffic advantages.

 Relying on Zhengzhou, Henan province has begun to accelerate the pace of building an international inland transportation hub and logistics center. Its comprehensive transportation system has been built from "walking" to "flying." In the construction of aviation hubs, in addition to civil aviation, general aviation should also fully exert its function.

 In January of this year, Zhengzhou was approved as a national general aviation comprehensive demonstration zone. As the core area of Zhengzhou national general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zone, Zhengzhou general aviation testing zone was included in the "big plate" of the national strategy. Zhengzhou general aviation industry ushered in a new opportunity for rapid development. The holding of Zhengzhou Air Show is also a good carrier to promote the development of Zhengzhou general aviation industry with extraordinary significance.

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