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Under the guidance of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, Shangjie District Party Committee and Government, the exhibition part of the three Zhengzhou Air Shows is becoming mature. For Zhengzhou Air Show 2018, we will plan and deploy the exhibition part more carefully. We will enhance and optimize all aspects of exhibition scale, zoning, exhibitors and exhibits to further improve the professionalization and scale of the exhibition.

The exhibitors cover all kinds of enterprises in the whole general aviation industries chain including general aviation manufacturers, operators and service providers, such as aircraft manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, avionics manufacturers, flying schools, flying clubs, flight simulators manufacturers, Fixed-Base Operation (FBO), airport development and management companies, aircraft sellers, aircraft leasing companies, aircraft intermediaries, aircraft valuation companies, aircraft decoration companies, aircraft lending companies, aviation insurance companies, property rights sharing management companies, investment manager, aviation fuel suppliers, security consultants and so on.

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