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Central Plains Fly-in Expo invites domestic and international aircraft owners and flying enthusiasts to pilot their planes to visit Shangjie airport every year for display and exchange. During the exhibition, we provide various types of flight services, such as local air traffic control and ground handling, aviation fuel supply and related documents, and assist in applying for transfer routes. Central Plains Fly-in Expo 2018 will undertake the annual meeting of Earthrounders. More than 100 pilots from countries all over the world who have flown around the world, aircraft owners and flying enthusiasts both at home and abroad will meet and exchange at Zhengzhou Air Show. More than 10 pilots will fly directly from foreign countries to Shangjie Airport. The worldwide  flying big guns gathering in Zhengzhou Air Show will play an active role in accelerating a coming era of China's private flying and non-governmental exchanges and cooperation in the field of international aviation.

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