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Location  Advantage: The center of China: accessible to 2/3 of Chinese major cities in 1.5hr flight. Total coverage: 7446 square km, population: 11 million, 70% urbanized. A hub city in the Central Governments One Belt One Road Planning, a goods distribution center in mainland China, anda center of highway, railway, and airport logistics in the mainland. Up to 2014, 185 passenger/cargo airline routes leading to major international citieshave been in operation.

Aviation Transportation: In 2014 Zhengzhou International Airport handled 15,805,400 person trips and 370,400 tons of cargo, an increase of 20.29% and 44.86% respectively. It ranks first in China in terms of growth rates and cargohandling. Zhengzhou has the best general airport in China, which is complementary to Zhengzhou International Airport. In Zheng zhou there are aviation industry research institutes and colleges such as the 25th Institute China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, AVIC Zhengzhou Aircraft Corp., Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry. Henan Education Center of China Civil Aviation University trains more than 2000 talents annually for the Zhengzhou aviation industry.

Airport Economy: In 2013, Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zonewas established , and designed to be a pilot of the nation’s airport economy development as required by the central government. It covers 415 square km, including a bond area that serves as China’s only E-Trade Pilot (an E-commerce based platform forintercontinental trade), and international logistics conglomerates like UPS,Fedex, HP, DB Schenker, Kuehne & Nagel, AMER, GLP, Mitsubishi Corp.

  Shangjie General Aviation Airport, Zhengzhou

Location: As a complement of Zhengzhou International airport, Shangjie Airport is the core of Henan Province’s generalaviation operation and links up to the adjacent Luoyang North Suburb Regional Airport.

●Infrastructure: The best GA airport in China-with a runway of 2000m long and 45mwide, capable of flying Boeing 737-700 and Airbus A320.

● Development Momentum: Since established in August, 2011, 35 GA companies , Like MooneyInternational Corporation, have settled in Shangjie Airport.

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